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Countdown Widget

The Countdown Widget allows you to set any date up to 1000 days in advance and counts down to 0 with second accuracy.

When the countdown reaches 0, there are four effects to choose from:

  1. None, shows 0's in the original colours.
  2. Flash Red/White every second.
  3. Knight Rider effect scroll right every second.
  4. Rainbow colours scrolling left every second.



Different effect options when the countdown reaches 0 ...

Flashing red/white
Knight Rider effect
Red moves right
Rainbow effect
Colours of the rainbow
Scroll left
No effect
Displays 0's In same colours

The countdown can be changed using the widgets keys ...

Change any field up or down
Added 35 seconds
Continues countdown

The four different Countdown reaches 0 effects plus one with Days, Hours, Minutes and Seconds set ...


The Countdown widget configuration page contains numerous colour and effect options to make the end result match your home screen.