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My Number Widget

Type a Contact name or simply leave it blank and your mobile number will be displayed.  If you enter a contact then most fields from the contact  can be displayed.

Alternatively, enter a message you want displayed with or without a number or image.

The colour and transparency of the message background and text colour is selectable in the Configuration page using the colour picker as seen in the first Screenshot below.



Contacts Configuration page (selecting the background colour) :

Example MyNumber widgets :


If you leave the Contact name blank then just your mobile phone number will be displayed. Ideal when someone asks for your mobile number and you can't remember it.

If you Sim card does not contain the correct mobile number then create a Contact called "myphone" with the mobile number in and this widget will automatically display the mobile number from this contact. You do not have to enter the "myphone" contact in the Contacts field for this to work.

Use the Add Label button to select the contact information (added into the Heading field) you want to display or use the codes below. The "&" commands followed by 2 characters are place holders for the contact informaton and will be filled in when you press Save to create the widget. Any unused commands will be ignored and removed when the widget is created.

In the heading field you can put your own text before or after each of the contact information. Simply press Enter on the Android keyboard for a new line to separate contact information.

A lot of different options are possible using the following commands in the heading field:

  • &ni No Image displayed.
  • &nt No automatic mobile Telephone number displayed.

Contact commands: For the following commands to work, a contact matching the name you entered in the Contact field must be in your contacts list. The relevant information is taken from the contact and displayed.

  • &em Email address.
  • &tn This mobile phones number
  • &mt Mobile Telephone number.
  • &ht Home Telephone number.
  • &wt Works Telephone number.
  • &po PoBox.
  • &st Street.
  • &ci City.
  • &se State.
  • &pc Postal Code.
  • &co Country.
  • &ty Type.