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Click on the QR code below to visit Useful Widgets on the Android Market or scan it using the Free Google Barcode Scanner on your mobile phone to open Napkin Folding in the Android Market:

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Touch the napkin you wish to create. Slide the thumbnails at the bottom of the screen left and right to view the related diagram. Each diagram is a step towards completing the napkin. Follow the instructions under the diagram before moving onto the next step. Slide the thumbnails to the next diagram for each step completed. The final diagram is a photograph of the completed napkin.

Touch any diagram to go back to the main menu or press the "back" button on your phone.

Press the "Menu" button on your phone to list available options and the exit button.

To exit the application press the "exit" menu option.

To automatically step through the diagrams after a set number of seconds, press the "menu" button on your phone and press Options and select the number of seconds between diagrams. Now touch the green play icon to begin. To stop, touch the same icon again.