Nanotec Apps

Nanotecapps provides a custom Apps service where we design and code Apps to your specific requirements. Unlike other companies, we give you the option of the final unsigned App (.APK file) or full source code (at additional cost).

Businesses or individuals please email initial inquiries for custom Android or iPhone apps to  All emails and information provided are treated as "In Commercial Confidence".


Android Apps have no restrictions and do not require the creation of any accounts or need for any registrations.

Once your custom App is complete you can do any or all of:

  • Program your own devices without any restrictions.
  • Publish it free or sell it on the Android Market (see note 1 below).
  • Publish it free or sell it on the Amazon App Store (see note 2 below).
  • Program as many Android devices as you want.

Note 1:
Google operate the Android Market and require a one time registration fee of $25 to publish Apps on Android Market.

Note 2:
Amazon operate the Amazon App Store and require a annual registration fee of $99. They are currently offering the first year free. For details see here.


For iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad applications you will need to register with Apple for an Apple iOS Developer account ($99) to be able to load applications on your device(s). Businesses or individuals may do this. Up to 100 different devices may be programmed per developer account.

Once your App is complete you can submit it to Apple for approval and publish/sell it on their App Store as your own App or simply use it on your own devices (see note below).

Alternatively, we can program your devices with a Nanotecapp custom App at additional cost if you do not wish to become an Apple developer. Please email above for full details giving the approximate number of devices to be programmed.

Access to a Apple Mac computer running Snow Leopard and a valid Apple iOS developer account is required. For details see here.