Nanotec Apps

Currently available Android apps:

  • Useful Widgets is now available on the Android Market !
  • The Hours Minutes Calculator app.
  • The Hours Minutes Calculator Free app.
  • Useful Widgets
  • Napkin Folding´╗┐

Generic Bluetooth Module (GBM)

The GBM consists of a PIC microprocessor connected to a class 2 Bluetooth radio with free example PIC and Android application files to allow control of the module from your Android device.

It can be used for many applications where a inexpensive Bluetooth wireless target board is required that is Android compatible. For example, a lighting controller on a model train controllable from a Android device.

The free Generic Bluetooth Module files are now available for download:

GBM files

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  • Hours Mins Calculator 

    Napkin Folding

    Useful Widgets


    Contains the following 5 widgets:


    Hours Mins Calculator

    Jog Notes




    Promotional Graphic for Useful Widgets: