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Hours Mins Calculator

Adds, subtracts, multiplies and divides hours and minutes which is useful for filling in timesheets or using to sum the play time of your CD collection.

A mixture of time (e.g. 07:24) and decimal (e.g. 7.4) format numbers may be specified. The result is always in time format. Simply click the convert icon to convert between time and decimal formats.

This is the paid version which has no adverts and does not require any phone permissions to run.

This version is updated way before the free version. Current version is V1.1.

Android Market

Available on Google Android Market for £0.50 and Amazon Appstore for $0.99 (please see Amazon Appstore for offers)

Click on the QR code below to visit Hours Mins Calculator on the Android Market or scan it using the Free Google Barcode Scanner on your mobile phone to open Hours Mins Calculator  in the Android Market:

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Available on Google Android Market for £0.50 and Amazon Appstore for $0.99 (please see Amazon Appstore for offers)



Type the hours and minutes followed by a function (+, -, /, *) in any of "Hrs:Mins" or "Hrs.Mins" format.

7:24 is 7 hours and 24 minutes, 7.4 is also 7 hours and 24 minutes.

7 is 7 hours. 7.0, 7:0, 07:00, 07.0, 07 are all 7 hours.

Then press the "=" to see the result. Multiple calculations may be typed on the display (see the first screenshot above).


 7:24 + 7.4 = 14:48 or 7.4 + 7.4 = 14:48.

Please remember that ".1" decimal is 6 minutes.

Press the Min-Dec icon to convert between Hrs:Mins and Hrs.Mins and vice versa. When converting from Hrs:Mins to Hrs.Mins and the result cannot be represented in multiples of 6 minutes then the result will contain a "r" to represent the remainder.

1:8 will be converted to 1.1r2 because 8 minutes in decimal is .1 with a remainder of 2 minutes.

Converting a result with a "r" in will give you the whole Hrs:Mins result (effectively ignores the "r").

1.1r2 will be converted to 1:6 and not 1:8 because 1:6 is the whole result which can be represented in decimal. Pressing the convert again will result in 1.1 being displayed.